10 Tips How to Flirt with your Online Interlocutor

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10 Tips How to Flirt with your Online Interlocutor

It’s not a secret that many users in online random chats want to find not only a pleasant interlocutor but also a soul mate or a couple. Nowadays, many people use cam chats for dating and making new acquaintances on the Web. In this case, it is evident that if two interlocutors like each other, the next step of their communication is flirting.

Flirting is a type of non-verbal communication aimed at attracting attention. This is a universal signaling system that is often used subconsciously. To correctly read the signs of flirting, you need to understand body language. Some movements of men and women differ in their meaning. Well, at least you can try to learn to read spontaneous gestures of an interlocutor. This is important, especially if you have the first online date in a random online chat.

  1. A raised male eyebrow at the moment of crossing glances indicates that a man likes his interlocutor.
  2. Shine in men’s eyes and the desire to catch a woman’s eyes means that he is ready to continue communication with her.
  3. Although our next sign is usually considered as a typical woman’s behavior, men also can use it. If one tidies a lock of hair, it is a clear gesture of flirting. And no matter who does it: a woman or a man.
  4. It happens that a man suddenly drops something, and then leans over a fallen thing. Involuntarily, he shows that he will not refuse to translate the dialogue with the woman who was closely standing into a more intimate channel.
  5. A relaxed posture, open and slowly gestures – are non-verbal signs of people who are ready to just flirt.
  6. If there are no flirting signs in a conversation between a man and a woman, then they look directly into each other’s eyes. Oblique glances are a sign of flirting and mutual sympathy.
  7. If a man holds his look on certain parts of the female figure, especially on her lips or hands, he subconsciously gives her signs of attention.
  8. People attract outside attention, thus showing their interest by laughing and smiling.
  9. Pure women’s gestures are touching her face, lips, hair, or shoulders. Soft touches of a particular part of her body are immediately noticed and perceived as flirting by our brains.
  10. The pace and volume of the voice mean a lot. If a man speaks quickly, it means that he’s nervous. It is most likely that he likes his interlocutor. A slow, smooth, and melodic woman’s voice denotes flirting and expresses her kind feelings.

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