Demie Review: an honest dating app

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Demie Review: an honest dating app

Demie is a safe dating application for those who value their time, without swipes, subscriptions and hidden fees.

Demie is the new name of the Denim app.

The most essential principles of Demie:

  • No hidden fees. Everything is honest and transparent.
  • No swipes. Easy search. All users in the palm of your hand.
  • No fakes. All users are moderated.

Why should you choose Demie?

Demie makes it easy to date! Now you don’t have to wait for a match to start talking to the person you like because this high-quality application is all about open communication. All members of this app pass strict moderation which excludes fakes and cheaters: we keep only people who really want to meet and chat. This application saves you time and allows you to make the right choice.

How does it work?

Demie is an honest dating app! Its users confirm their account and it becomes active after strict moderation. You specify your dating goals when you register and see profiles of people who want the same things as you do!

Demie is easy! Post an ad or just text anyone you like on the app because no more waiting around. It only takes a couple of hours between meeting someone and going out for coffee!

Demie is safe! The team of professional developers protect your data, messages and photos with end-to-end encryption and a built-in proxy server. You can set a personal password to sign in to the application and you can receive notifications on your phone in a hidden mode.

Demie values its users: we don’t use hidden fees and automatic charges. All services are paid only after your confirmation. Transparency and security are the main priorities of this application.

Club system

For men, the Demie application runs exclusively on a club membership system, which gives you access to all the features of this user-friendly service. Membership fee confirms the solvency of the users and seriousness of their intentions to find a couple. This allows attracting gorgeous girls and decent men to the service.

To become a member of the exclusive Demie club, you only need to top up your account balance and activate one of the three Demie premium access packages. The user may purchase the premium access packages, such as Maximum (premium access for 1 month + 1 emailing + 1 newsletter at the first purchase), Optimal (premium access for 2 weeks +1 emailing at the first purchase) and Minimum (premium access for 3 days).

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