Funny Stories About Video Chat Dates

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Funny Stories About Video Chat Dates

Video chats are fun to spend free time in and also can help you to find a date almost instantly. In fact, many young people use video chatting to find dates. It is both efficient and convenient; you can see person’s appearance and talk to him or her, and decide whether you are interested or not. The majority of video chat dating services help users find matches based on their location. For people from big cities or populated regions the choice of potential dates is almost endless. This way, finding a date can be a matter of hour or even less.

Awkward Situations Still Happen…

Sometimes, finding a date may not be an easy task despite the superfluous dating services. For example, a funny story happened to one footballer from Northern England, who desperately needed a date for the evening. He started by texting several of potential crushes in Whatsapp. Having received five rejections, the guy got irritated and came out with an interesting solution. He created a group chat with all the 52 contacts of girls that were in his phone and sent a single message to all of them at once. Many girls were offended by this kind of “group invitation” and left the chat immediately, however, others got the joke and even considered giving the guy a chance.

Another guy went in an opposite direction and decided to persistently pursue only one girl. She was reluctant to go on a date with him and only wanted to communicate in video chats. After a while, she agreed on a date. She appeared to be married to a jealous man who she wanted to leave but was afraid to. And one more thing about the husband – he collected guns.

One girl’s story of video chat romance ended very soon because of her appearance. After a few really good dates, the guy started giving her a silent treatment for no reason. When a few weeks passed, she decided to find out what the problem was. He said, sorry, you are almost perfect but your upper arms are fat.  

One more story is dedicated to fake profile users. The guy who created a profile with fake info and picture arranged to meet up with a girl he talked to in video chat. Apparently, the lightning was really bad because when the girl showed up on a date, she turned out to be his sister. Both became victims of each other’s fake identities (yikes!).    

Looking On The Bright Side

Bad dates are also a part of experience. Even if your online crush appears to be not what you expected, or a completely different person at all, this is another funny story to tell to your friends later. We learn from mistakes and knowing who of our online matches to trust is also a certain skill. So, take it easy and enjoy communication. The worst thing that can happen to you is an awkward date, which will turn out to be just a funny story afterwards.


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