How to flirt

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How to flirt

We know that one of the main functions of flirting is the transmission of romantic interest, which therefore leads us to find out what makes flirting effective and successful.

Early studies of psychologists have shown that the demonstration of intelligence, similarity with the heroes of advertising and movies, emphasizing good looks are effective strategies for flirting.

However, researchers have identified other flirting strategies that may be more interesting.

What types of flirting are most effective for men and women?

The only flirting strategy that men rated as more effective when using it compared to women was emphasizing attractive looks.

This is consistent with what evolutionary psychology tells us about what men and women can look for in a partner. Men tend to view good looks as more important than women.

However, women assessed non-verbal behavior as more effective than men. A non-verbal behavioral strategy included a tense look, a nice smile, and a way to approach and look at someone.

Good eye contact and a good smile were quite obvious. Who would want to communicate with a person who does not smile and look at you?

Women also suggested that men who showed intelligence when flirting with them were more successful.

Intelligence indicates a man’s ability to protect and make good money, which is consistent with what evolutionary psychology has found in terms of male attractiveness.

One of the components of the category of intellectual flirting, highlighted by researchers, was humor. Many previous studies associated humor with what was called creative intelligence, and probably that is why using humor can be an effective strategy for flirting.

In addition to the flirting strategies described above, some other, perhaps less known or more surprising forms of flirting.

A soft approach, described as politeness, patience, kindness, and honesty.

As well as strong interest and romance, tenderness, pleasant compliments and interest in learning something about someone, were assessed as more effective methods of flirting on women than men.

In addition, courage and determination, described as courage, straightforwardness, self-confidence and perseverance, were also rated as more effective for women than men.

However, it is worth noting that while courage and self-confidence are seen as attractive features of men’s character, perseverance and straightforwardness may be seen as undesirable in some contexts.

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