How to let your soul mate go

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How to let your soul mate go

Breaking up with someone you love is always a serious challenge. And how to experience, understand and accept such an experience, if you have to part with a soul mate?

Soul mates are tuned and perfectly mirror each other, they have similar energy and common tasks. They teach love to each other.

To meet a true soul mate is like spending a holiday in paradise, enjoying absolute understanding and unconditional love.

However, time passes and it is as if something is pulling you apart, some force that exceeds your desire to stay together. Paradise collapses in an instant. And the pain is so great that it is hard to bear.

Why has it happened like this? Why has your partner left? Because you are soul mates, you must be together! Let’s find out why we’re being tested like this.


It is necessary to understand the important thing: the meeting with a soul mate is necessary for you to look into the person you love as in a mirror, noticing your own imperfections and correcting them. This relationship is necessary for your awakening and evolution.

When the lesson is done and your overall program is implemented, it’s time to move on.

On a deeper level, your souls know this. They feel that the work is done, so it’s time to part.

Be thankful

You gave each other a lot. Thank your partner mentally, wish him or her success in their mission, love and light – and let him or her go.

Know that the bond with a soul mate may not be the last thing in your life. There are many soul mates, and at a certain stage of the journey you will definitely meet a person who will again wonderfully coincide with you and fill your life with new meaning and new tasks.


Partners are soul mates. What happens to one partner is about the same thing happens to the other.

If you are covered with resentment, bitterness, anger because of the fading relationship, the energy of the channel is turbid. This prevents you from understanding your partner, to take his place, to make contact.

Visualize the channel, connecting you with a soul mate, mentally fill it with pure golden light. Send this light to your partner. This exercise will help to build mutual understanding and let each other go more quickly.

It is also useful to imagine how a stream of light descends into your upper chakra, located on the top of your head, and reaches the heart chakra, dissolving pain and blocks that prevent you from moving on.



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