Increase your Self-esteem by Dancing a Striptease in a Video Chat

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Increase your Self-esteem by Dancing a Striptease in a Video Chat

Do you dare to get undressed in front of the camera? Is it easier to dance a private dance to a known or unknown user? Not many women dare to dance a striptease. Why do they do this? Let’s consider the question in the article.

  • Some women chat with a husband/boyfriend in cam chats. If they live in different cities and part each other due to work or other circumstances, then women can please their partners.
  • Some women prefer dancing to random users in a video chat. They do this to become less modest, gain self-confidence, and increase self-esteem. It is possible to do it anonymously. If you do not want someone to recognize you, put on a lace mask on your face. Thus, you’ll kill two birds with one stone. You’ll be sure that your face is unrecognizable and, at the same time, look more mysterious for a partner.
  • Some women are not shy at all. They visit random chats to relax, spend pastime with pleasure, and masturbate. They use a striptease as a tool to turn on their partners.

If you want to try the dance or improve your skills, pay attention to the below-mentioned rules. They’ll help you make your performance even more seductive.

  1. The melody should reflect the state of your soul and mood. If you feel the chosen track, know its every beat, you’ll easily show every sound with your movements.
  1. Lingerie should be seductive. It can be semitransparent lace bra and underpants with a silky peignoir or a man’s chemise/T-shirt below it.
  2. It is necessary to develop your dance in advance, think about movements, rehearse a complete version.
  3. Movements should be simple and sexy. Usually, these are body waves, circles with hips or chest. It is not necessary to add complex movements to your striptease. Do not try to look like a professional dancer. Simple sexual movements will be enough for your partner if he’s not a choreographer.
  4. Do not hurry. Relish every movement. Let your partner observe every curve of your body and enjoy it. Your dance is aimed at the demonstration of your body.
  5. Put off clothes gradually. Leave a dozen of seconds (of a half of a minute) between undressing.
  6. Remember that the first minute is left for dancing in clothes. You should start undressing from the second minute. At that moment, your partner imagines something; fantasies are born in his mind.
  7. Do not stop suddenly when you get naked. Continue moving without clothes. Let your interlocutor in a random video chat enjoy your beautiful body.


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