Minichat: have a pleasant conversation online with this app

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Minichat: have a pleasant conversation online with this app

Minichat is a video chat application, through which tens of thousands of people get acquainted and communicate every day.

Looking for a simple and fast way to get acquainted and have a great time? In Minichat, to meet a new friend, meet a girl or even fall in love is not difficult. Here you are one touch away from thousands of live video broadcasts with real people. The main principle of the application is simplicity and convenience. In this video chat anyone can enjoy communication, and it’s completely free!


This user-friendly video chat brings together people who strive for mutuality and love to communicate. Here everyone will find for himself an interesting interlocutor. In Minichat, it doesn’t matter who you are or where you come from because you can always meet and talk to new people without any problems.


Change with anyone: tell funny stories, boast of your talents, flirt and flirt, read poems. Or just listen to what your interlocutor wants to share with you.


No one knows you, and for everyone you are a complete stranger. But only until you meet someone in a video chat who likes you so much that you want to get to know each other and tell more about yourself. Then relax and do not be shy! However, if you feel that the conversation no longer satisfies you, just switch to another interlocutor.


There are no meaningless features, only thousands of interlocutors are ready to join you in real time with the video and instant messaging feature. Also there are no limits on the time of conversation. That’s why you can talk as much as you want!

Minichat is a premium video chat, but it’s free. Thanks to the complaints system here you can feel really calm and protected. Any inappropriate or aggressive behavior will lead to the removal of the offender.

Other unique features

Besides all that people usually do in chat rooms – making new friends, flirting and having fun, you have a great opportunity to improve your language skills with the help of interlocutors from different countries. To do this, you just need to choose the desired country and start communicating. Furthermore, the function of instantaneous translation of text messages eliminates any language barriers. Write your message in English, and Minichat will deliver your text to your interlocutor in his native language!

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