My Experience of Learning a Foreign Language in a Cam Chat

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My Experience of Learning a Foreign Language in a Cam Chat

My story happened a few years ago. I was a student of a linguistic university. My groupmates used random video chats for practicing their language skills. I didn’t take it seriously but one day I decided to try.

I studied the French language. I entered a standard search query in a browser and clicked on the first random web site. I do not remember its name now. Although it was my first time on a random video chat, its interface was pretty clear and responsive, so I easily navigated on the site. There were some standard filters, such as gender and location. Gender didn’t make sense for me as I was looking for communication. So I chose only the country – France.

My first interlocutor was a pretty smiling girl. At the beginning of our dialogue, I said that I was studying French and I needed practice. She understood me and slowed down. She talked at an average pace. I answered and asked questions. Generally, my first experience of chatting with a native speaker was quite successful. Fortunately, the service allowed adding interlocutors to a friend list. We agreed on continuing our conversation later.

I was so excited that I understood native speakers and even can communicate with them, that I decided to try the chat roulette once again. A couple of times, some freaks or trolls were connected to me. But the next pleasant interlocutor was a guy.

I was confused a bit and started laughing. Then I explained that I was not a native speaker and needed to improve my speech. He smiled and we continued our dialogue. In the course of our communication in a video chat room, he corrected my pronunciation and explained some interesting facts about his language.

I noticed that Frenchmen were very polite and intelligent, and have good manners. I was pleased with our dating and decided to add him to a friend list. Thus, I had two interlocutors from Paris and Lion.

After my first session spent in a random chat, I realized that my French is quite good. Although I was embarrassed, I managed to understand my partners and react to their questions.

So, I found out that video chats really help in practicing foreign language skills. I started chatting with my new acquaintances several times per week. They helped me with my homework. Over time, my French significantly improved and even my university teachers noticed that.

Now, I’m a teacher of the French language. We still keep in touch with my French friends. Sometimes, I visit them. Do not be afraid of trying a new experience in life. It can change you drastically.


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