Secrets you should never keep

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Secrets you should never keep

You can’t keep a secret if it can hurt somebody. In what cases should the secret be made explicit?

Keeping secrets is part of a close relationship. When a person reveals himself to us completely, we witness his secret life, the things he does not reveal to everyone.

But with big secrets comes a big responsibility. Some words and actions are pleasant to keep in your heart, others have to keep in yourself, but someone else should also know. What is worth telling about?


It’s an ambiguous question whether to tell a friend that she’s being cheated on. It’s not your relationship, and the couple may have already discussed it. And even if they haven’t, you’ll be the messenger who delivered the bad news.

You should do what you’d like to do to you.¬†Imagine your friend knows your boyfriend’s cheating on you, but she won’t talk about it. Would you take it as a favor or a betrayal?

Reflect on your relationship, but remember that everything that is secret becomes apparent, including your silence.

Physical and emotional abuse

It is considered that it is better not to interfere in family affairs: the neighbors from above will deal with children themselves, the girlfriend does not leave the guy- tyrant, because she does not want, and hazing and bullying at school are “normal” stages of childhood.

And just like that, as long as the witnesses are silent one by one that could speak out against them, violence in the world is growing.¬†One cannot close one’s eyes to the fact that another living person is beaten, humiliated, kept in a dependent position. However, it is not worth trumpeting the whole neighborhood, because the aggressor may be angry and prohibit the victim from communicating with you.

If you hear neighbors constantly fighting or shouting at children, you can call the police. Unfortunately, the call is not anonymous, but you will do the right thing and perhaps save them from the worst.

If your friend or you are being bullied at school, the best option is to contact the principal and parents. You don’t have to put up with that. At best, the bully will be punished, at worst, you’ll have to transfer to another school.

If your girlfriend is verbally, physically or emotionally humiliated by your partner or parents, do not pressure her and persuade her to leave the relationship or the house. Often a person in this position is vulnerable and tends to idealize the aggressor. Just be supportive of her, and in conversation talk about special centers or helplines.

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