The main type of women you will meet on dating websites

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The main type of women you will meet on dating websites

Bored office workers, students and housewives, and girls who need a vest to cry on.  These girls are most commonly found on dating sites. Continue reading this article to find out more about such women and how to communicate with them.

Their purpose is straightforward

They want to find people who would entertain a girl with their chatter and help her kill time. In fact, they use the site as a flirtation chat. Usually a page of these people doesn’t give away anything of their aspirations. Although some honestly write that they only want to find their pen pals, most disguise themselves as those looking for love. As the attraction of new and retention of old interlocutors used various techniques: beautiful (sometimes even erotic) photos, standard manipulations to hold a man on a short leash (regular date transfers, reference to what little we know, etc.). The same manipulations go away from real relationships. Therefore, men who took the bait in the form of a “positive” questionnaire and beautiful photographs may be disappointed. A more detailed study may reveal that some information – from age to photo – is not true. They may also be married to children.

How to recognize

Girls like that never agree to see each other. In some cases, these girls manage to get acquainted with each other, but since their goal is not to find a man, but an online correspondence, the lack of interest in the real relationship immediately becomes apparent. By the way, information about the status of the wife and mother can also open up on a date. In exceptional cases, do not give up a fleeting adventure, but do not expect to continue.

How to behave

It depends on your purpose. If you want to kill time, just talk to me. There’s gonna be a lot of chitchat. But prepare yourself for the role of a vest and a pocket psychologist. You’ll have to listen to tons of complaints about the goat former, inattentive present, parents who do not understand, the fool boss and other concentrated negative. And give advice – otherwise why do you need to? If you are set on an adventure, then apply the skills of seduction, in some cases, they help. If you do not want to play in the theater, and just want a serious, thorough relationship, then after the first refusal or evasion of the meeting, stop communicating. Do not waste time and energy on something that does not suit you at first.

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