The worst ways to start online dating

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The worst ways to start online dating

Template compliments, overpressure, and other tricks that are not worth using to find your partner on a dating site.

  1. Start a dialogue with “Hey! How are you?”

As well as copying ready-made podcasts from various ancient collections. You know, all those “Your eyes shine like stars!” or “I got a call from heaven saying the most beautiful angel has escaped from them.”

Template “hello” and compliments, first of all, show that you’re not good with fantasy. And secondly, they say that you are not interested in your interlocutor at all. You are lazy to spend two minutes on his profile and come up with a way to start a dialogue.

If a person caught you in something other than your appearance, you will find something to say. No one expects poems or jokes at a professional stand-up comedy level. Just tell about yourself, explain exactly what you liked the interlocutor, why you write to him and what you are looking for on the site.

  1. Ignore the questionnaire

“Who needs to read these questionnaires, there’s not enough time for everyone!” – Whoever thinks so, will have many unpleasant surprises.  For example, he invites a girl he likes to a steak house and gets an outrageous rejection.  Because she’s a vegetarian and wrote about it in her profile.  Or a woman who is determined to have a serious relationship, only a few days later will know that a new acquaintance is looking for a partner for sex. And he’s not interested in marriage or children.

It is unlikely that you want to spoil your mood and waste time on “not your” person. Do not be lazy to fill out your profile and carefully read someone else’s.

  1. Insist on a meeting

Especially if you’re not looking for one-time sex, but a serious relationship. Firstly, it can be dangerous – especially for women. And some disturbing bells – rudeness, aggression or possessive shenanigans – can be caught even before the meeting.

Secondly, a date can end up in a spoiled mood. Tell, for example, that you read the books of Dawkins or other scientific atheists, and a new acquaintance’s eyes will pour blood, because he is a deep believer. Although such moments may have come up in the correspondence phase.

By the way, before the meeting, it would not hurt to ask the interlocutor for the address of the page in the social network and google, not wanted Persons who are wanted on suspicion of committing crimes, whether he has debts and other skeletons in the closet. Tell your relatives where and with whom you are going to avoid problems.

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